Fact, Faith, Feeling


As Christians, we are called to live by a principle know as the 3-F Principle.  They consist of Facts, which is the Word of God; Faith which is the belief in that Word; and Feelings which is our emotional response to a situation.

Getting these three out of their natural spiritual order can lead to an unbalanced life, or a runaway train.  To that end, we must apply these principles to every aspect of our life; in our everyday decisions and in our decisions regarding relationships.  If we apply these principles in the correct order, we are sure to succeed in giving God the Glory and reaping the blessings He has for us.  If for some reason, we choose to lead by anything but the Facts (the Word of God) we will get off course in our decisions and it will lead to our destruction.

Often times, we do get our 3-Fs out of order.  We may choose to lead with Faith…faith in people, faith in jobs, faith in money, faith in our health.  But faith placed in anything other than the Word of God will lead to utter failure.  We even go as far as to lead our lives by the most volatile component of the 3-F Principle; feelings.  Feelings while an important part of our spiritual makeup, must always be kept in its proper perspective and place.  Anytime we lead with our feelings, we are headed for trouble.  Feelings can change in an instant.  Once moment we are happy, the next moment, we are sad.  We can all attest to the uncertainty of feelings.

So as we continue to walk on this spiritual journey, we must remember to keep the 3-F Principle in the forefront of our decision-making and most of all, we must seek God first! (Matthew 6:33)  Stay Blessed!  By Paula Michelle Thibodeaux